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our product guarantee

All of our coffees are freshly roasted.  We believe that fresher is better and always strive to give you the best coffee experience possible.  If for any reason, our products do not meet with your expectation, in terms of quality, we will refund and or replace any product returned to us, without any questions asked! 

our coffee origins

    We currently source our coffee from the northern region of Malawi. 

We are currently buying from:   *Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union   *The Village Farms

sample our menu below

We are excited to introduce our new range of coffees.  We have started with a unique and new Peaberry from Mzuzu Coffee.  We pride ourselves on a high level of quality, freshness, attention to detail and flexibility.  As a result, we have three different roast levels: Medium; Espresso and Dark.  We are also particular about our grind size and therefore offer the following forms of coffee: freshly roasted beans (for those with grinders); freshly ground plunger coffee; freshly ground filter coffee and freshly ground espresso coffee.  

our purchasing policy

We carefully select specialty coffees, which are locally produced in a socially and environmentally friendly manner.  Purchases are made directly from the farmer at prices that are comparable or better than prices paid for the export market.  We truly believe in sustainability and building partnerships with the farmers from whom we buy!  Each of our packets recognizes the farm and bean type, where our coffee is sourced. 


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the materials used in packaging our coffee are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.   We have chosen natural kraft paper as our packaging material of choice.  

our jar swap program

We are mindful of the environment and are always looking at ways to operate sustainably. We have a program whereby you buy a resealable glass jar with coffee on your first purchase, every purchase thereafter covers only the price of the coffee inside.  In this way, we avoid having to use anypackaging and merely re-use the glass jar.  

spill the beans

We are constantly trying to improve, so if there are any areas where you feel we can improve, please let us know?  Please feel free to contact the owner, Robin (Beany) on 0999285572 or electronically via robin@beantherecoffeemalawi.com

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